Monday, June 12, 2006

Some Pitchers

Running an unprecedented 2.25 miles straight in 24 minutes + seeing Cars with good people + meeting Drystan, the French student staying with my mom and little brother for a month + playing some wicked tennis (wicked meaning us rusty tennis players did a lot of running after the errant ball and standing around while we waited for someone to retreive the ball) + seeing Les Claypool in concert = a more exciting weekend than average.

Here are some pictures as well, though not necessarily of this weekend. More like, it was this weekend that I remembered the pictures of Chester were on the camera, and it was for this weekend that I cleaned the bathroom.

This one is of Chester playing DDR as David. When David plays, he tends to hunch a bit (though, admittedly, Chester is exaggerating) and positions his hands as though he is holding a controller. We find this utterly charming (some of us enough to imitate it), and it never affects David's gameplay, as he is second only to me.

Perhaps not Chester at his loveliest, but still...

Next: one of my favorite hobbies is decorating, especially when I've just moved and have a blank canvas to work with. One of my proudest rooms is actually my bathroom, even though it's probably nothing too special. Sometimes I'm a bit lax in cleaning it (keep your judgments to yourself) since it was clean and I bought a new curtain liner, I thought, what better time to show the blogging public my loverly bathroom?

I bought the blue outer curtain when I moved into my first no-roommate apartment. Then, when I moved to the Cities and was in need of a new liner, my mom gave me a green vinyl one. I didn't have faith in how the two would look together, but beggars can't be choosers--and I was more than pleasantly surprised.

I found that cool blue oil lamp at Goodwill, and was going to put some flowers in it, but was having trouble finding just the right thing...until I found the peacock feathers, that is.

And my Shelf of Serenity. Heh.

And now for a completely unrelated picture in which I showcase my jewelry making skills when I'm feeling particularly fidgety.

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JN said...

I recognize on the shelf of serenity the stick bundle of aggravation, as when a guy is bumbling around in the bathroom, knocks something off the shelf, and it breaks.
The pictures of Chester as David are high-larious, though probably not flattering for either. Thanks for sharing!