Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Ectomy of My Wisdoms

Census is, getting your wisdom teeth removed stinks. Not just figuratively either; you actually have some serious halitosis (as your loved ones will fondly inform you). Aside from the olfactory side effects, it hurts and your face swells up to epic proportions, stealing any dignity you may have had. Getting the stitches removed (if you were lucky enough to have impacted teeth, that is) is also no fun. I'm glad I don't even have the option of doing it again.

Luckily, there were plenty of positives this weekend to make up for the negative. My dad came to the Cities on Friday to look at and ultimately purchase a bike (as in sweet motorcycle), which you can view in his blog. Chester's cousin Mikey and his girlfriend were also down for Warped Tour on Sunday, as was my friend Barry.

We rode the light rail to the Metrodome for Warped Tour, which was fun even though we were only there for about half of it (due to my painful phantom teeth). We got to see Anti-Flag (see pictures below, we got to meet them, too!), Saves the Day (acoustic as well as non-), I Voted for Kodos, which was a ska band I'd never heard of and only went to because they boasted pink unicorn t-shirts at their merch booth, Zox and Against Me. I wanted to see NOFX, but they weren't playing until two hours after we left, and I've already seen them four times. All in all, the day was a success.

Chris #2, Anti-Flag's bassist who so graciously signed my Warped ticket, even though you can see how too-cool-for-school-with-his-fancy-mohawk he is. Anti-Flag has an exceptional bass sound--I give him credit.

This is Justin Sane (so clever), the lead singer, with Mikey. I couldn't believe how tiny he was. I always wish I was brave enough to get my picture with the band members, but I'm usually too star struck.

Here is a picture of Mikey and Sheena, a bit sun-scalded, on the light rail after the show.

Me and Barry. I look chubby here, but it's actually my swollen chipmunk face.

And that's all.

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JN said...

Whoop! It sounds like you had a great time, despite the effects of your loss of wisdom teeth.