Monday, May 01, 2006

My Weekend

The movie we saw on Friday night, Camp Out, was great. I personally think it should be something that should be distributed to churches everywhere, as homosexuality simply isn't something that people choose. End of story. There are a few issues that I feel strongly about, and discrimination against people based on their sexuality (which has nothing to do with anyone else anyway) is one of them. Actually, I think seeing those kids and how devoted they are to their religion (despite the unpleasantness the religion has caused them because theyre gay) impressed me more than any other demonstration of Christianity I have ever seen. If you ever get the opportunity to see it, do.

Other than that, this weekend was wildly uneventful. We went to Friends With Money on Saturday night, which was a bit disappointing. But since I worked out earlier in the day, I got to have some excellent chocolate, so it wasn't all bad.

Yesterday I got good practice being crabby. I think when I get too many things (i.e., laundry, cleaning the rat cage, working out) on my plate, I get crabby and don't want to do any. So it took me probably two hours to do the dishes because I kept leaving and doing other things (i.e., checking myspace). I didn't feel better again until after I played some DDR and showered at about 5:00.

Whew. Boring entry today.

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