Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Findings

I emptied out my piggy bank (the beautiful clay one with the cork nose that my uncle gave me for helping him do a pottery show in Sisseton, even though I tripped and broke a bunch of his stuff) today, where I collect my loose change and any paper money I have at the end of the week. I cashed it in at the bank, and it totaled roughly $80, which I promptly deposited into my savings. After a stop at the natural food store (because cookies, chocolate and pumpkin bread--a.k.a., the only food we bought there--are healthier when you buy them naturally), I got home and peeked into the slot in my piggy bank, and lo and behold! There was $21 more that I missed the last time. It's a good feeling when $21 extra gives you a whole new lease on life.

1 comment:

JN said...

There's nothing quite like finding money that belongs to you yourself! Cool!