Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Older and Wiser

I have experienced several rites of passage, I feel, into adulthood. I had a few stupid months that were filled with more alcohol than I will probably consume altogether for the rest of my life (isn't this one of those rites?). I have a real, salaried job. I've moved away from home, and in fact live with my boyfriend and we have pets. Surely taking on the responsibility for the lives of others is something an adult does. However, I have not yet had my wisdom teeth out...on June 15th, this will all change.

The all-knowing Wikipedia says, "They are called 'wisdom teeth' because they appear so late--much later than the other teeth, at an age where people are supposedly wiser than as a child." I personally think that they are called wisdom teeth because you are wise to have them removed before they start to cause major decay to the teeth around them (damn you, pestilent wisdoms and your wild hair to grow sideways!).

Strangely enough, I am looking forward to this experience. For one thing, I have never even had a filling (although my increased consumption of pop and candy and decreased nightly brushing, especially in my "Fargo Years," has changed that a bit). This experience will give me license to groan knowledgably and appropriately whenever anyone discusses painful dental visits. For another, it was a good excuse to take the day after off of work so I can, to quote the dental assistant that advised me today, "watch movies and do nothing." Plus I'll probably get babied a little and I'll be able to eat chocolate malts (yes, plural) and no one will be able to look askance. I think in this situation, a positive outlook is best.

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JN said...

I hope the procedure goes well, April. You've taken good care of your teeth, to not even yet have any cavities. Having the teeth out (all on one day?) may not be that bad if they're not wild teeth with many tentacles reaching into your gums. I had one out shortly before going overseas and it wasn't bad at all. I hope the same goes for you!