Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tragedy on a Thursday Morning

My little hawkfish, as yet unnamed, commited suicide sometime last night. I fed the fish when I got home last night, and they seemed to be in good spirits (assuming fish have spirits). I didn't suspect a thing. This morning, I turned on the tank light, still unsuspecting, to wake the fish up a bit before I fed them. When I sprinkled the flakes of fish food at the top of the tank, I noticed that my hawkfish (definitely a fan of food) was nowhere to be seen. I crouched down and checked out the top of the tank to see if he was floating. No fish. I looked under all of the rocks and fake coral in the tank...still nothing. My heart sank as I realized what probably (actually) happened and started looking on the floor around the tank. I found my shriveled little fish next to the couch and deposited him as lovingly as I could into the garbage can. He will be missed.

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JN said...

I'm sorry I found out too late to attend the services held there between the fish tank and the trash can. His memory will linger on. We can all think of him as a fish who aspired to greater heights--like all of us, the harder we strive, the more we risk. That doesn't mean the risks aren't worth it, just that we should keep one eye on the fish tank.