Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Life is Good

It never ceases to amaze me how just a little coffee in the morning can brighten my spirits. I think it's the jangling nerves that send my brain into over-activity, and luckily I tend to think about things that are going well. I've been intending to do a blog for a while, but wanted to have some pictures to put on with it. They'll just have to wait.

I finally got my hawkfish on Friday. He is a falco hawkfish and really a cool little guy. I thought about naming him, but the only thing that came to mind is the luck dragon from The Neverending Story, Falcor. And I am NOT naming my fish after a giant dog with psoriasis, no matter how much I like that movie. I'm waiting until next weekend (incidentally, Casey's birthday weekend) and then getting a chocolate chip starfish (even the name is pleasant!), which will be the last addition to my tank. I've really enjoyed this as a hobby and hope to learn more about it.

My classes have been going splendidly. I'm loving both classes; how lucky for me to have two extremely interesting and challenging classes this semester! We started learning about epithelial cells last night and I've been thinking about them on and off this morning (perhaps a bit geeky). We do a rat dissection tomorrow night, which I have mixed feelings about: I'm excited, but have to wonder about the ethical implications of cutting into a rat as a rat owner.

We're heading to Fargo this weekend to visit some friends and my brother, and hopefully to take some time for some wonderful chocolate cake at Johnny Carino's (which they do not have in the Cities) and some early morning skateboarding at the skate park.

With a little caffeine and some positive happenings, life is sure good.

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