Tuesday, August 15, 2006

She's Ba-ack!

Now that my clothes are tumbling happily (I hope) in the dryer, my house is tidy, my dog walked, I have no company and no plans in general, I can finally address the fact that a blog is long overdue. In all fairness, I’ve been on vacation. I meant to do exciting things and document them with my camera, but unfortunately that only barely happened. Here’s what I got.

The first weekend, we headed up to Grand Rapids to visit Mikey, his family (who we didn’t even get to see) and Sheenah, plus a few of Chester’s friends.

Here is a picture some cotton candy that fermented in my car for a couple of weeks, which I discovered on this trip.

Chester and I were smoking outside of a movie rental joint. I wonder what the surgeon general has to say about stale candy cigarettes.

I also bought this 3D horse puzzle when we were walking around Tall Timber Days in Grand Rapids (I don’t think anyone tired of saying that name) for $0.60. It was more complicated than it looks.

My weekend away also involved seeing a beautiful aquamarine mine pit lake and helping Mikey do a mountain of dishes (Chester said they made him think of the huge mountain of dishes in “The Sword and the Stone”).

When we got back from Rapids, I decided to set up a saltwater tank. I have three damselfish, a live rock and some snails and hermit crabs right now to build up the good bacteria, then I’m getting a hawkfish.

My dad, Mikey and Sheenah came up to visit this past weekend. We did a lot of eating out and hanging out. It was an excellent vacation, and my prediction of it being over too soon came true.

My next installment: the Kurt Vonnegut book I just read and changes happening at work. Stay tuned!

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