Thursday, August 24, 2006

And So It Begins

Today is the first day of my Anatomy and Physiology class, and while I have confidence in my cognitive abilities (after all, they enabled me to use the word "cognitive" in a normal sentence), I'm feeling a bit unnerved. You see, my book is ginormous. It also comes with a lab notebook, and two atlases (which I am not yet able to differentiate between). Add to that my Child Psych book and I am feeling downright skeered. Ok, not really, but I am a teensy nervous.

Not to mention, my preparation last night for my class today consisted of packing a lunch, a dinner, my eight gazillion things for anatomy and a change of clothes (because I do not want to go to class looking and feeling like I just got off of work, silly as that may sound).

Plus I have the beginnings of a cold.

But...I'm in school! I will be getting homework! I'll be that much closer to being a veterinarian once I finish these classes. All of these thoughts are enough to keep me going, even in spite of the $10 I pay to park below my building so that I might drive to class after work.

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