Wednesday, April 12, 2006

New Pants

I have been "downsizing" lately, as it were...which involves a lot of unpleasantness such as limited candy intake and running (which I bitch about but actually enjoy and can now run 2 miles--some of which includes up hill, so I'm proud of that). Anyway, one unexpected sadness came in the form of the loss of some really cool green plaid pants I had (but are now looking a bit clownish, as they are entirely too big).

I was in Target today on my "fifteen" minute break and discovered some perfect black pants...but they didn't have my size. This resulted in a trip to the Apple Valley SuperTarget, where you can only assume they would surely have my size in the holy grail of pants...but no. Grasping at straws, I asked Chester if he wouldn't mind if we zipped to the Burnsville Not-So-SuperTarget to see if they had them. You'll be happy to know that they did, but even better--BLUE plaid pants! I have been persisting on staple pants: khakis, black pants, brown pants and brown pinstripes, so it is quite pleasant to be able to have some fun pants. The picture does not do them justice, but enjoy nonetheless.

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