Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Fruit Basket

Fruit basket: a tasty treat that is dried fruit wrapped in a layer of chocolate and coated in an unidentifiable but palatable candy.

Have you ever noticed how sometimes you associate times/places/people/events/situations with tastes, smells, etc.? So I have noticed lately that I have some bad associations. Sometimes I like to eat aforementioned fruit basket candy at work (very rarely, because I have cut candy more and more out of my life every day...which is just as depressing as it sounds). One time I was eating them while I was working on something for one of our clients. Anyway, this particular client just called to talk to one of the attorneys and fruit basket was immediately brought to mind. This is a very cruel trick of my brain.

Other associations I have developed are eating Totino's pizza while watching my iTuned episode of Lost on Thursday nights (I have class Wednesday, so I have to wait to watch it) and grilled cheese and oatmeal cookie dough while watching Saved By the Bell (I went through a phase where I watched the entire show from start to finish--thanks, Netflix). So now if I watch or even think about these shows, I start thinking about the foods that go with them. This is a distraction in my quest to eat healthy, but luckily I have superhuman will power and can generally ignore these little reminders.

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JN said...

Kudos to you and your super-human strength of will. I wonder if that's something that gets stronger as you use it, like a "will-muscle," just like the more-powerful legs that now take you 2+ miles over hills and all.