Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Night

So here is my new blog, everyone! Did you know Nubs (from the NOFX song) has her own Myspace site? I was just surfing and found it.

I have some cool stories from the weekend, but they'll be better told with some accompanying pictures; be patient and I'll try to get something up tomorrow, so check back! And keep checking back, because I will try to keep this thing updated.


JN said...

Welcome, April! I'm having a good time with my writing on blogger, and I hope that you can do the same. Check out the cool Clustermaps thing so you can see where people are checking your blog!

Jason said...

Dude. Cool. A blogthingy! Did you know, by the way, aside from one or two others, you're pretty much one of the last people I've got contact with out there? Ah well, anyway, i've got one too up elsewheres...I'll have to link it for ya!