Thursday, March 30, 2006

Birthday Anticipations

In four days, I will turn 23. This is particularly delightful for me because the numbers add up to five, and I’m always quite pleased at this occurrence. Really, I should be all set for a great birthday—Chester has been talking about how it’s going to be “the best birthday ever”, though I’m interested to see how he will top the receipt of a (real live) horse on my 12th birthday.

The problem this year is that my birthday is on a Monday. I wrestled for quite some time with whether or not a 23rd birthday warrants a day off of work. Then we started the particularly dreadful Project Docket Check which involves me sitting in front of a card catalog (yes, like libraries used to have) for over two hours. That settled it, and I asked for (and got) the day off.

So now I have my Monday birthday off…but as everyone here will be working or in school, and everyone else I know lives over 3 hours away, how will I fill my day? I’m imagining a day filled with adventure and magic, but the truth is that I’ll probably go for a run, do some cleaning and study. If I’m feeling crazy, I might ride my bike around and enjoy the lovely weather we’ve been having. I say, as long as there’s no Docket Check and cake is involved somewhere in the day, that sounds good to me.

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JN said...

Let's hope your birthday tops the pony arrival day! I haven't yet heard what other wishes might apply, no wish list posted anywhere, no suggestions as to what other gifts or command performances might be in store. If just a cake and a bike ride make it a good day, then you should be good to go, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the other good things that come your way. Those people from afar are thinking about you!