Wednesday, March 15, 2006


I have spent the time since I graduated from high school, until recently, flip-flopping between what I want to do with my life. I've considered math, accounting, law, psychology, veterinary and medical, among possible other things. The career path that's made recurring appearances is the veterinary one, although it's gotten pushed aside for careers that have the potential to make more money, or to garner more prestige.

Although it's always been fairly clear to me, I made the conscious decision that I will be most happy with a career that lets me work with animals and people both. I'm going to continue on the psychology route (since I already have quite a few classes under my belt in this area) and also include the classes I need for a zoology/veterinary degree. My big dream is to have a center of sorts where people who can't/don't have pets can come and interact with all kinds of animals. We'll see how it goes.

A month ahead of the game, I have e-mailed different people requesting they write letters of recommendation for scholarships for me. I also figured out which classes I need to finish at the two-year college I'm at, and which college (in the spring of 2008) I'm going to attend for the rest, and start getting things in order there. I can tell a difference in my motivation from having a clear path to follow, rather then expecting to be distracted by every class that I enjoy. I'm glad I had the opportunity to get these things figured out, and am looking forward to the work it will take.


JN said...

I like this entry a lot, but I keep coming back for a new one. This can't be the end of the line, can it? What's been happening lately?

Anonymous said...

Well i finaly got to checking this out. I like it . And I'm not sure how you plan to top the Animal People intrest when you have two of the best in your life now. interested to see how grandkids might play a role. not yours mine , lol Lou