Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Independent

As you all probably already know by now, one of my favorite things to do is people watch. Therefore, if I eat out somewhere and enjoy it, plus I get to experience varied and excellent people-watching, it quickly jumps to one of my favorite places to eat. One such place is the Independent in Uptown. I sometimes forget about it, due to the fact that Famous Dave’s is right below it and I’ve gotten a little disenchanted with Uptown anyway (read: I feel like a dork when I’m surrounded by the coolness that pervades the neighborhood). However, it seemed like a good place to take Mikey at the start of his visit last Wednesday.

We were surprised to discover that Wednesday nights is two-for-ones for mixed drinks at the Independent. Again, if you know me at all, you know that I very rarely drink (an unfortunate by-product of my 21st birthday). This time was an exception, however, after I saw Chester order a pear cider and Mikey ordered a fancy cocktail (and received two) that I cannot recall the name of. So, decided to order a drink (and received two), the name of which I already cannot recall. It tasted pretty good, but I ended up only drinking about a third of one drink before I passed it to Chester.

I don’t know if Chester is a serious lightweight or just already so goofy that a couple of drinks was enough to open the floodgates. He was being silly and putting his arm around me while Mikey and I looked on in mock horror and revulsion. Well, the mockery was not as apparent to all, because a woman dining a few tables away actually went through the trouble to approach us and ask us if we knew “that guy”. It afforded us (meaning me and Mikey, not necessarily Chester) a good chuckle when we realized he probably appeared to be quite creepy.

More tales of the weekend to follow, so do tune in.

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