Sunday, December 02, 2007

Snow Day: Part 2

I just shoveled snow for the first time in seven years (except for maybe some minor shoveling here and there). Our yard is small, which may deceive one into thinking that not much maintenance would be required. This is not so. Our yard is long and skinny, which means there wasn't much shoveling of the city sidewalk to do, but we have sidewalk all up the length of our yard, in front and back, and a concrete parking area in back.

This was not necessarily a bad thing--I like being outside, and but for the scraping of shovel on cement, it was quiet and peaceful (except for one runner, who made me glad I had just finished up our portion of the city sidewalk). When I came inside, the wood in the floors and on the cabinets looked bright and beautiful (my eyes had become accustomed to staring at snow, I guess). Plus, when I went to see if I could log any calories burned on SparkPeople, I found out that 45 minutes of shoveling = 432 calories burned! Yay for snow!

I suspect my noodley arms will pay the price tomorrow.

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JN said...

Way to go, April. I spent a fair amount of my time doing the same, both with shovel and with snowblower (since our driveway is probably about --yikes!--the size of your yard. Ain't winter grand?!