Monday, September 04, 2006

Red River Weekend

After spending the day recuperating (read: cleaning), I decided to go ahead and post some pictures from my Fargo weekend while telling the exciting things that we did--click on the pictures to get a closer look.

This is the very beginning of our trip. This picture is misleading because while we were in bad traffic for a short time, it only took us about 4 hours to make the trip instead of the normal 3 1/2. Still, it makes for drama.

As you can see, we were both quite excited to be heading westerly.

I do think our esteemed host was excited for our visit as well.

I asked Chester and Garrett, David's roommate, to smile nicely for this picture. They seem to have tried.

I told David I wanted to take a picture of his bedroom.

He told me that he would make his bed and then I could take a picture of it too.

Nice, right? It's a 3/4 full-size, custom made to fit in the little niche in his room.

This is the sole decoration hanging on the wall in David's room. It was a kindly gift from his previous roommates, which I assume must have originally been filled with candy to elicit such sentimentality from David.

David's tiny new amp, which has a deceivingly large sound.

The apartment they live in is "garden level", which means it's about half underground. This five-legged and rather large neighbor was right outside the window.

Chester and David tried on some spiffy hats in the brand new Hot Topic in the West Acres Mall.

Later that night, we went to Johnny Carino's for some chocolate cake. There were 11 people there, but somehow this was the only picture that ended up on my camera. I wonder if I should be concerned that this wasn't a posed picture, but my natural reaction to being surprised with my own camera?

We finally did make it to the skatepark on Sunday afternoon (it was raining all weekend), but there were too many people there for me to want to skateboard. People tend to watch you when you're the only girl there, and my legs tend to get wobbly when I know I'm being watched.

There were some cool painted buffalo near downtown Fargo. I saw one that was painted with Van Gogh's Starry Night, but I couldn't find it again to take a picture of. This one was neat too, though.

The trip home: I got some new shoes while in Fargo and wanted to show them off.

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