Thursday, July 06, 2006


Before Chester left for work this morning (at the ungodly hour of I-dont-know-when-but-probably-before-6), he announced that I am cut off from playing Final Fantasy VIII, which I have been doing lately more than I should be. He said I was talking in my sleep about the monsters in my dream ("Its a Level 3!"). I found this amusing, as I recalled the intensity of the dream. I was fighting monsters and had retreated into a treehouse where none could get in, that is, except for the Aarons (Alexis will find this amusing, I am sure). These were creepy flying monsters that looked like Jack White. Also, I told Chester about my dream-gun--an Xbox controller (wildly absurd, as FFVIII is a PS2 game)--which he kindly reminded me, in a note, not to forget on my way to work today. Just in case.

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