Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Three Years

As you may have noticed, I tend to shy away from writing too much about Chester than can be categorized under lovey-dovey. While you all know I am a huge fan of sugar, I personally do not like large doses of it in the form of other peoples’ relationships, and do my part to try and spare you all (though I will not be held responsible if we were sickening in the first few months of our relationship…isn’t everybody?). However, in honor of the fact that we’ve been together a mind-blowing three years today, I have some things I want to share with the people who are interested enough in me to read my blogs.

When I met Chester, I liked him right away. His personality and usually delightful sense of humor is obviously what ultimately hooked me, but make no mistake: he’s attractive, too. I like that he has the sort of features that make it possible for him to pass for 21 or under (with his hat on, of course) even though he’s 27. I like his teeth and the character they give his face. Heck, I even like his lack of hair—I wouldn’t poke fun so much if I didn’t. If you are the sort of person that buys into vibes, know that his is friendly and comfortable, and this is a big part of his charm.

When we first met and were getting to know each other, I was seeing someone else. Besides that, Chester lived in the Twin Cities and I still lived in Fargo. So what made up my mind that Chester was who I wanted to be with, you are all on the edge of your seats wondering? Believe it or not, a Trivial Pursuit game sealed the deal. We were playing a game with friends, and we were on a team together. He pretty much let me answer all of the questions, and when my answers were wrong, it wasn’t a big deal—he was busy having fun with me. Although we’ve definitely had our not-so-fun times and this does not always apply, I think it’s safe to say that game of Trivial Pursuit is a good metaphor for how things are.

Chester himself is a big, important and welcome part of my life, but he’s brought other things into my life that I’m grateful for: his friends and family (Mikey especially comes to mind), the dog he got me for my birthday (and the pets that followed—he’s contributed to all of them), the support he gives me that makes it easier to go to school while working full time, his generosity when it comes to all of his resources, his willingness to go along with whatever I want to do, the fun he contributes and the relationship he has with my family.

What can I say, I’m a lucky girl.

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JN said...

A good guy like that makes us all lucky, April. He makes visiting you and hanging out there doubly pleasant and interesting. Congratulations! You deserve a good guy, and you have one.