Tuesday, November 21, 2006

April vs. Cavity Creeps: Part Deux

Oh that's right, I went there with the fancy French words. Although I cannot provide a convincing argument for this at the moment, I think my visit to the dentist yesterday warrants the fanciness (and do look back around the middle of June for the first installment of this epic).

Is it strange if one is looking forward to their February 19th appointment of getting a crown? If so, let me explain. Once I have that pleasant little visit taken care of, I will have effectively eradicated the remnants of the trials and tribulations I have exacted on my poor little teeth. I learned yesterday exactly what a crown is (I understand that it is a fake tooth that goes over part of the tooth that has not been wiped out due to an unfortunate increase in sugary foods and a decrease in nightly brushings a mere few months after I began college). I can't help but wonder if getting a gold crown would be a good investment. Think of it before you laugh--I'd have mysterious sparkle that would cause people to wonder if it was merely a bit of dental work, or a glimpse of the gleam that is my soul.

One thing I sincerely hope comes to an end is my strange teeth dreams. I've had dreams where my jaw gets irreversibly stuck in an underbite, or where I'm afraid to move my mouth because all my teeth are on the verge of falling out. I wake up more relieved than I thought possible, and wholeheartedly thank my little gomphoses for doing their jobs with aplomb. (I recently discovered what gomphoses are--teeth joints--in my anatomy class and I have yet to lose my delight at the name.)

All I can say is this has been my most pleasant dental venture over the past year and I'm pleased as pie (of which I hope I shall be consuming lots, very soon).

Happy Thanksgiving, and don't forget to floss!

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