Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Zoo Mania

Holy moly! I have an interview on Monday for a summer volunteer position at the Como Zoo. As some of you know, I volunteer there every other weekend cleaning the feeder mouse cages, which I've been doing for a year and a half. Sounds not too exciting, but I love it. Mice are more interesting than you might think. Anyhow, this position is for the summer only, and it's in the aquatics (think: seals and penguins and polar bears, not just fish!), and it's more time-intensive than what I do now. It would be every Sunday from 8:30-2:30. And it must be sort of a big deal and that's why they're having interviews. Like I said, holy moly. It has to do with the Sparky (seal) show, mostly, but experience has taught me that volunteering gets you into cool places there. Here's a list of the duties for interested parties:

• Weigh designated diet items into assigned containers.

• Make record of weights where stipulated and refer to chart for quantities.

• Disinfect and wash counter, scale, and all emptied containers.

• Pick up litter and trash in and around the stage and pool area.

• Hose down stage.

• Remove litter and dirt from pool using pool net and vacuum.

• Field questions from the public about the Sparky Show.

• Activate and monitor the audio system prior to, during, and after Sparky show.

Wish me luck!


JN said...

Very cool, young lady! Good luck with the interview; I'm sure you'll do very well. The part about working with the Sparky show must be very exciting, and fielding questions is something I'm sure you'll be very good at. Knock 'em dead.

JN said...

Um, will there be updates coming soon? What's the haps?